You don't have to add 'Reddit' to your searches anymore using Brave Search

You don’t have to add ‘Reddit’ to your searches anymore using Brave Search

Brave Search has added a new feature that makes it easier to find talks from Reddit and other forums in your search results. This means you won’t have to include “Reddit” in your searches if you’re seeking for real people’s opinions rather than canned responses from websites eager for views.

You do not need to do anything to begin seeing these effects. If your query has prompted online discussion, the results will appear in a new, more prominent “Discussions” section. Brave claims that it displays posts based on their freshness, popularity, relevancy, and the number of likes or upvotes they receive. Brave now only shows results from Reddit and StackExchange, but the company promises to add more sites “in the near future.”

The cool thing is that you won’t find Discussions for everything you look for. According to Brave, the functionality may be used in “hundreds of scenarios,” but it’s best for product questions, travel, current events, coding, and “very unique or particular questions.”

Reddit only started indexing comments in its search results last week, allowing you to shuffle through pertinent replies rather than complete posts. More people are going to Reddit for authentic answers, according to a post titled “Google Search Is Dying,” which was highlighted in Brave’s news release. It refers to the growing tendency of include “Reddit” in search results, which Brave Search, which started in beta last year, looks to be following. In addition, Brave just released a De-Amp function that allows users to skip pages that use Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages framework.

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