Xiaomi Unveils Rugged New Bluetooth Speakers Tailored for Outdoor Use

Xiaomi Unveils Rugged New Bluetooth Speakers Tailored for Outdoor Use

Global electronics company Xiaomi has added two new Bluetooth speaker models to its growing product portfolio. Both speakers boast rugged, water-resistant designs and extended battery life for portable audio on the go.

Targeting active consumers, the new speakers aim to deliver robust sound in outdoor settings like camping, hiking, and beach days. By engineering the devices to withstand dust, rain and drops, Xiaomi caters to adventurous listeners needing durable, long-lasting audio.


Powerful 40W Flagship Model

The headline model packs a muscular 40 watts of total audio output from its drivers. This allows the speaker to reach volumes up to 93 decibels for booming sound that can clearly cut through outdoor ambient noise.

It also utilizes a 360-degree sound orientation via drivers positioned on all sides. This creates an immersive listening experience regardless of where listeners stand around the speaker. Users get consistent coverage whether tailgating at a football game or relaxing at the park.


Xiaomi Unveils Rugged New Bluetooth Speakers Tailored for Outdoor Use


For further outdoor protection, Xiaomi constructed the speaker with an IP67 rating. This means it is fully sealed against dust and can even withstand submersion for short periods. Rain, sand, and splashes pose no durability concerns.

With up to 17 hours of continuous playback per charge, users can keep the beats going all day long. The large integrated battery even enables using the speaker as a power bank to give smartphones and other devices a backup charging boost.

Dual phone connections allow effortless audio sharing, while Xiaomi’s synchronization protocol lets consumers pair two units together for left/right stereo sound.


Budget-Friendly Mini Version

Joining the flagship model is a pint-sized sibling tailored for portability. It retains the rugged IP67 dust and water resistance but trims audio output to 9 watts total and 90 decibels max volume.




The mini version remains capable of filling medium-sized spaces with quality audio, just without room-rattling power. Despite its compact form factor, it still provides the handy 360-degree sound dispersion for grabbing attention at camping sites or outdoor gatherings.

While battery life drops to 11 hours per charge, that still offers plenty of outdoor enjoyment between power-ups. And the smaller overall footprint makes the speaker considerably easier to tote in bags or backpacks.


Both Models Pack Thoughtful Features


Xiaomi Unveils Rugged New Bluetooth Speakers Tailored for Outdoor Use


Xiaomi aims to create compelling user experiences by adopting thoughtful design features. This includes lively RGB lighting that owners can customize to set the mood. By controlling light patterns and colors, speakers add visual flair to any social gathering.

Convenient NFC one-touch pairing streamlines connecting the speakers to Bluetooth devices new and old. Tweaking audio settings is also simple with the companion app’s equalizer and presets.

For portable devices like smartphones, the speakers double as power banks for emergency charging when locations lack outlets. This preserves smartphone battery when playing tunes all day via the speaker.

While the new speakers currently only launched in China, global availability seems imminent based on Xiaomi’s international growth. Pricing is also very competitive, with the mini version under $30 and the flagship just under $80.


Committed to Outdoor Listening

With durable designs optimized for open-air use, Xiaomi’s new portable Bluetooth speakers target active consumers in need of robust audio on the go. Features like all-day battery life, water/dust proofing, stereo pairing, and backup charging cement them as products built for carefree listening in nature.

Now outdoor adventurers no longer need to sacrifice sound quality when going off the grid. Xiaomi crafts the handy cube-shaped speakers to literally meet consumers wherever their travels take them while keeping parties pumping for hours on end.

Judging from the thoughtful features and aggressive pricing, the new outdoor-focused speakers look to undercut premium rivals while offering an enticing blend of power, portability, and resilience. As global competition in consumer audio heats up, count on Xiaomi to continue pushing boundaries delivering stylish technology for modern lifestyles on the move.


Source – Xiaomi Today