Xiaomi Unveils 80W Fast Wireless Charging Stand for Flagship Smartphones

Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi aims to push the limits of wireless charging speeds with its new 80W wireless charging stand. As smartphone batteries grow larger, slow wireless charging becomes increasingly problematic. Xiaomi addresses this by enabling cable-free charging nearly as fast as wired options.

The powerful charger coincides with the global launch of Xiaomi’s newest premium phone, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. This flagship model supports blazing wired charging up to 90W over USB-C. Now the 80W wireless stand nearly matches those speeds without any cables required.




Complete High Wattage Charging Solution

Rather than just selling the wireless charger alone, Xiaomi offers a full suite of interoperable charging products. The core 80W wireless stand teams up with a 120W wall adapter plus USB-C cable.

This creates a comprehensive ultra-fast charging ecosystem for the 14 Ultra and other compatible devices. The suite ensures every link from the power socket to the smartphone supports Xiaomi’s extreme charging capabilities.

Stand Design Enables Comfortable Use While Charging

Importantly, the charger utilizes a stand design versus a flat pad. This enables conveniently using phones upright while charging wirelessly. Users can comfortably view content or use apps despite the lack of wires.

Xiaomi maximizes wireless charging speeds by relying on the Qi standard. This allows broad cross-device compatibility. Though charging rates scale down when not paired with a Xiaomi flagship. Overall, the stand charges any Qi-compatible device faster than a typical flat wireless pad.

Nearly Matches Wired Charging Performance

In the case of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, the 80W wireless charging stand nears the performance of its wired 90W charging. Xiaomi claims a complete wireless 0% to 100% charge takes just 49 minutes. For owners, this near-parity with wired charging means wireless becomes practical for daily use rather than just occasional overnight top-offs.

The speeds also significantly outpace standard slow wireless charging pads. Such basic pads often require 2 hours or more to fully charge modern premium phones. Xiaomi’s innovation stands to make cable-free charging a realistic daily option even for power users.

Part of a Broader Charging Ecosystem

Xiaomi’s blazing fast wireless charging launch helps spearhead its broader efforts to push charging speeds. The company wants charging to become a minimally inconvenient afterthought for owners.

With capabilities like 120W wired charging, 100W car charging, and now 80W wireless charging in the mix, Xiaomi’s ecosystem minimizes charging downtime. Users can top up phones in the time it takes to shower or grab a quick bite.

For avid smartphone users, the convenience factors provided by Xiaomi’s suite of charging choices help maximize daily device uptime. As competitors also move toward faster charging, Xiaomi aims to maintain a decisive edge.

Global Availability Still Unclear

While the 80W wireless charger launched alongside the Xiaomi 14 Ultra in China, global availability remains unconfirmed. With a price around $70 in China, Xiaomi will likely aim to undercut competing premium wireless stands as it expands internationally.

By making ultra-fast wireless charging broadly accessible, Xiaomi seeks to normalize cable-free charging as a standard option for smartphone owners. As device capabilities continue to grow, charging solutions must evolve in parallel. With its aggressive advances, Xiaomi pushes the entire industry toward a wire-free future.

Source – GizmoChina