Xiaomi Revs Up EV Game with SU7: A Tech-Loaded Electric Supercar Challenger

Xiaomi Revs Up EV Game with SU7: A Tech-Loaded Electric Supercar Challenger

Chinese tech company Xiaomi is best known for its smartphones, but it’s about to enter the electric vehicle market in a big way. At a recent event, Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun spilled more details about their upcoming EV sedan called the SU7.

Lei says Xiaomi is aiming incredibly high, developing core technologies for the SU7 to take on heavyweights like Porsche and Tesla. We’re talking multiple battery and motor options, including a souped-up model with 670 horsepower for supercar-like speed. The fast charging sounds just as impressive – over 130 miles of range in a mere 5 minutes!

Now, those are sweet EV specs, but the really exciting part is the smart tech inside. Xiaomi is all about making the SU7 cabin into an immersive digital experience. We’re talking a massive 16-inch central touchscreen, a 56-inch head-up display, and even rear screens for passengers. Lei says it will feel intuitive, like using a tablet. The operating system integrates thousands of Xiaomi’s apps and services into a seamless experience.

Some seriously smart AI and processing power enables the cabin tech, plus voice control and syncing your smartphone. Lei wants the SU7 to be a central part of Xiaomi’s ecosystem of connected devices – it can control over 1,000 Xiaomi smart home products! Apple CarPlay ensures iPhone users aren’t left out either.

Xiaomi is aiming to launch the SU7 in China later this year, with global sales to follow. No word on pricing yet, but Lei says the goal is to rival luxury brands on performance while keeping the EV attainable.

If Xiaomi can pull off an electric sedan with Porsche-rivaling speed and a futuristic smartphone-inspired cabin, they could have a serious hit on their hands!