Global technology leader Xiaomi today announced the release of a duo of smartphones that will “Power Your Creativity” like never before. The flagship Mi 10T Pro takes creating and exploring to the next level, with unmatched specs in its class. Mi 10T continues to push boundaries, delivering top-notch experiences for everyone from working professionals to streaming enthusiasts and mobile gamers. 


Xiaomi launches Mi 10T series, a duo of Best-in-Class, High-Performance Smartphones


Continuing Xiaomi’s category-defining ultra-high-resolution legacy 

There’s no denying Xiaomi’s pivotal role in defining the 108MP camera segment — from debuting the world’s first 108MP smartphone camera to introducing countless photography software innovations in the past year alone. Mi 10T Pro continues the brand’s ultra-high-resolution legacy with OIS and 8K video support. Mi 10T offers an impressive 64MP main camera.

Both, the Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T offer a triple camera setup with a 13MP ultra wide-angle camera and 5MP macro camera, equipping it to capture moments that matter. And with a 20MP front camera, anyone can look their best whether taking a selfie or video-calling a loved one. 

Building on Xiaomi’s existing technology, Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T flaunt new and dynamic photography software features. Six standalone Long exposure modes let anyone capture artsy shots, from Moving crowd – which focuses on an idle subject while blurring dynamic surroundings – to Star trails – which creates a swirling starry sky effect.

Pushing the boundaries even further, Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T also offer compelling new video features. Video Clones capture “two selves” in one video, while Dual Video can record from the device’s front and back cameras simultaneously, making it ideal for capturing surprise reactions. Finally, Time-lapse selfie video lets users create a fast-forward effect for more engaging vlogs. 

A smooth future with 144Hz AdaptiveSync TrueColor display

Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T feature one of the best flat displays available in any smartphone today, with an industry-leading 144Hz refresh rate to boot. While high refresh rate displays often fall victim to high power consumption and inconsistent frame rates, Xiaomi’s AdaptiveSync display automatically matches the content’s frame rate, from enjoying your favorite movie at 48Hz to watching TV series at 50Hz, from streaming video at 30Hz or 60Hz to scrolling social media feeds or gaming at up to 144Hz – it guarantees a smooth experience and optimum battery usage. 


Xiaomi launches Mi 10T series, a duo of Best-in-Class, High-Performance Smartphones


With a P3 color gamut and TrueColor, the display offers an extremely wide range and accurate colors. Reading mode 3.0 simulates a paper texture to protect your eyes, while Sunlight display 3.0 automatically enhances contrast and adjusts dynamic color saturation outdoors. 

Power your creative genius and get your game on with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

Anchored by the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T offer extreme power efficiency, performance, and 5G connectivity. Xiaomi packed in a wide range of 5G bands, ensuring compatibility with more networks in more locations than before.

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Users will also experience desktop-level gaming thanks to the Qualcomm Adreno 650 GPU. Together with UFS3.1 and LPDDR5, the devices tout the industry-leading smartphone ROM and RAM available today. 

Massive 5,000mAh (Typ) battery with added features to keep you powered up all-day

Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T boast one of Xiaomi’s biggest flagship series batteries: a massive 5,000mAh (typ). With battery power optimization technology baked in, the smartphones release more power for longer battery life. 

Price and Availability:

Mi 10T 8/128GB will be available at AED 1799.

Pre-orders for Mi 10T will begin 16th November 2020 via all retail channels like Amazon, Noon, Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarkets, Sharaf DG, Nesto, Jackys, Etisalat, and Mi stores.

Mi 10T Pro will be available from December 2020 starting at AED 1899/-

Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 and Mi Electric Scooter 1S 

Xiaomi today also launched its Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 and Mi Electric Scooter 1S in UAE. Built for every short commute, Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 can reach speeds of 25 km/h and cover distances of up to 45km on a single charge.

Its 300W brushless DC motor provides the power to effortlessly climb 20% incline slopes, while a built-in LCD allows riders to monitor real-time speed, riding modes, battery level, and more at a glance. Equipped with 8.5-inch pneumatic tires, the vehicle withstands wear and tear, absorbs shocks from bumps in the road.


Xiaomi launches Mi 10T series, a duo of Best-in-Class, High-Performance Smartphones


A dual braking system provides an extra level of security, while an added front, rear, and side reflector and powerful 2W headlight improve visibility to keep both the rider and other people on the road safe. Crafted from lightweight materials, this 14.2kg model can be folded up in less than three seconds.

The Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 retails at AED 2099 and the Mi Electric Scooter 1S retails at AED 1699 and is available at all official sales channels.

Mi Watch

The launch also marked the debut of the Mi Watch, Xiaomi’s very first smartwatch model for the global market. As a brand new addition to Xiaomi’s wearable product lineup, Mi Watch is made to empower active lifestyles of all kinds. 


Xiaomi launches Mi 10T series, a duo of Best-in-Class, High-Performance Smartphones


Featuring a 1.39’’ bright AMOLED panel and a dedicated sports button on the side, Mi Watch provides users instant access to a smorgasbord of 117 exercise modes. To comprehensively oversight one’s health, it packs six different sensors and GPS to offer key health metrics and environmental data, for example, heart rate, blood oxygen level, and air pressure.

Additionally, Mi Watch supports an array of features including over 100 watch faces, camera remote function, native emojis on notifications, voice control, and more. 

Starting at a recommended retail price of AED 479, Mi Watch will be available at all official sales channels In December 2020.