Xero Bets on AI to Become Every SMB's Trusted Accounting Whisperer

Xero Bets on AI to Become Every SMB’s Trusted Accounting Whisperer

Running the financial side of a small business can feel vaguely terrifying. All those invoices, bills, payroll forms – it’s easy to bungle the books without accounting expertise.

Now accounting platform Xero aims to become every overwhelmed entrepreneur’s guardian money angel. Their plan? Harness the power of artifical intelligence!

Xero Bets on AI to Become Every SMB’s Trusted Accounting Whisperer

Xero just unveiled “Just Ask Xero”, or JAX, to be SMBs’ AI-powered accounting buddy. Through natural conversations, JAX promises to gently guide business owners through key money tasks.

Feeling lost paying suppliers? Just message JAX on WhatsApp to walk through it. Need help sending client invoices? JAX will lend a machine learning hand. According to Xero, even predicting future cash flow fits squarely in JAX’s wheelhouse.




“We’re embracing this new wave of tech innovation responsibly, with our customers at the heart of what we do,” explains Xero’s Chief Product Officer, Diya Jolly. She believes AI can finally tear down barriers and transform accounting into an intuitive, approachable discipline for all.

To spearhead JAX’s launch, Xero notably onboarded two AI-focused senior execs as well – a vote of confidence in their AI ambitions.

Of course, AI still remains imperfect – there will likely be hiccups translating accounting complexities into digestible language. But with caring guidance instead of confusion, perhaps small biz owners can ditch money anxiety and confidentlyFlourish. Xero’s banking on it!