WhatsApp Gift Wraps Long-Awaited Search Upgrade for Android Users in 2024

WhatsApp Gift Wraps Long-Awaited Search Upgrade for Android Users in 2024

Rejoice, Android folks – WhatsApp just handed you a sweet new gift to unwrap, no holiday required! The messaging app now lets Android users easily dig up old chats by date.

iPhone owners have enjoyed this handy search power for awhile already. But CEO Mark Zuckerberg happily announced Android is finally catching up. The new date search lands in your app now.

How to search for old messages on Whatsapp for Android

It’s crazy simple to try. Open any chat, tap the three dot menu, select “Search”, and boom – there’s now a calendar icon up top. Tap it, pick a date, and watch messages from that day magically appear below. Honestly, it’s wild how deeply it digs in seconds.

This addition can seriously save some major scrolling time when you need to uncover an ancient text or media file but can’t remember exact words. Unless you’ve got a scary good memory. Then maybe you’ve never sifted through 8 years of memories to find that one hilarious meme. Just me?




Jokes aside, WhatsApp does regularly sprinkle helpful new upgrades into both Android and iOS apps. But features sometimes split between operating systems, keeping the apps looking and feeling different.

Consistency may lag, but innovation certainly hasn’t despite already serving a staggering 2 billion users worldwide! Hard to grasp the scale of that user base.

Anyhow, rejoice Android friends! Finally, our version gets to play catch up and bask in this long-missing search glow. Another handy tool for preserving precious digital memories on our favorite messenger. Thanks Papa Zuck!