Xbox games coming to Boosteroid cloud gaming service in June

Xbox games coming to Boosteroid cloud gaming service in June

Exciting news for gaming enthusiasts as Xbox games are set to launch on the cloud gaming platform Boosteroid for the very first time. Starting from June 1st, users of the platform will be able to access popular titles including Deathloop, Gears 5, Grounded, and Pentiment.

Boosteroid users in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, and Ukraine will have the opportunity to stream eligible Microsoft-owned games that they have purchased from Steam or the Epic Games Store. While support for Microsoft Store purchases and additional titles is still in the works, Xbox’s Corporate Vice President, Sarah Bond, expressed in a blog post that they will continuously add more beloved games from their extensive catalog of PC games.

This move marks Boosteroid as the second external cloud service where Microsoft is making its games available. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can already stream these titles via Xbox Cloud Gaming. Notably, NVIDIA GeForce Now users have been enjoying the ability to stream Gears 5 since May 18th, and Deathloop, Grounded, and Pentiment will soon be added to the GeForce Now platform later this week.

To expand the accessibility of Xbox and Bethesda games, as well as PC versions of Activision Blizzard titles (pending the completion of the acquisition), Microsoft has inked 10-year deals with cloud gaming providers such as NVIDIA and Boosteroid. These agreements were strategically made to persuade regulators to approve the proposed $68.7 billion merger. While the acquisition has been approved in numerous territories, including China most recently, cloud gaming has been a point of contention for regulators in some countries.

The UK’s competition watchdog rejected the deal, citing concerns that it would reinforce Microsoft’s dominant position in the emerging cloud gaming market. Similarly, the US Federal Trade Commission raised concerns about cloud gaming, among other factors, in their lawsuit aimed at blocking the merger. On a positive note, European Union officials granted approval for the deal last week, with Microsoft’s concessions in the cloud gaming space playing a role in the decision.

As Xbox games make their way to the Boosteroid platform, gaming enthusiasts can look forward to enhanced access and enjoyment of popular titles. The expansion into cloud gaming services demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to reaching a broader audience and providing immersive gaming experiences across various platforms.

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