Xbox Game Pass generates 15% of Microsoft’s gaming income

Microsoft’s Game Pass service is lucrative, accounting for around 15% of the company’s total Xbox content and service revenue. Microsoft Gaming President Phil Spencer revealed the information during an on-stage interview.

Spencer stated that Microsoft has lately witnessed “amazing” growth on PC, with console consumption decreasing due to saturation. “… at some point, you’ve reached everyone on the console that wants to subscribe,” he said. Microsoft revealed earlier this week that PC Game Pass memberships climbed by 159 percent year on year during the first quarter of 2023. People are also streaming more games using Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming program. Spencer mentioned that smartphones might play a significant part in Game Pass’s future.

Spencer was also sure that the price of Game Pass will eventually rise. “We’ve kept the pricing on our system, games, and membership,” he said. “I doubt we’ll be able to do it indefinitely.”

Companies like Microsoft don’t regularly disclose data like the ones Spencer did earlier today. They discuss how essential services like Game Pass are to the company’s bottom line and how they see the product expanding in the future.