World of Warcraft Unveils Patch 10.1.7 - Fury Incarnate

World of Warcraft Unveils Patch 10.1.7 – Fury Incarnate

New Heritage Armor Sets, Ping System, and Healer Specialization Changes

World of Warcraft players can anticipate exciting updates as Patch 10.1.7, titled Fury Incarnate, is set to launch on Tuesday, September 5. This patch introduces several significant features and gameplay improvements, promising to enhance the gaming experience for players in Azeroth.

Heritage Armor Sets: Among the highlights of Fury Incarnate are the introduction of heritage armor sets for the Forsaken and Night Elves. These sets allow players to delve into the rich backstory of these two races through immersive quest chains, with cosmetic rewards awaiting those who embark on these journeys. While the quest chains are initially encrypted on the public test realm (PTR), players with Forsaken or Night Elf characters can look forward to unlocking these heritage armor sets and adding them to their collections. Additionally, Draenei characters will receive the opportunity to acquire cosmetic options that allow them to adopt the appearance of a Man’ari Eredar, with quests unlocking on September 12.