'Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty' by Team Ninja will be released on consoles and PC on March 3rd.

‘Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’ by Team Ninja will be released on consoles and PC on March 3rd.

If you want to witness Team Ninja’s next take on Nioh-style demon killing, you’ll have to wait a few months. Koei Tecmo has revealed that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be released on March 3rd on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (via the Microsoft Store and Steam). At launch, it will also be available via Xbox Game Pass.

Team Ninja’s Wo Long is essentially a love letter to Koei Tecmo’s long-running passion for Three Kingdoms-era China (see: Dynasty Warriors). In the later Han Period, you play a militia man facing a demon invasion. You’ll meet great warriors along the way. You can anticipate an action-based fighting system that rewards varied playstyles but are also brutal – when the authors speak about earning power by “overcoming adversity,” it’s reasonable to assume you’ll die often.

Depending on your platform of choice, you’ll have something to do in the interim. Sony has officially announced that the remastered Nioh 2 will be one of the free titles for PlayStation Plus Essentials in November, with the Lego Harry Potter Collection and Heavenly Bodies.

It’s unclear if Wo Long will extend Team Ninja’s winning streak. At the very least, there is a sizable potential audience. Since the franchise’s launch in February 2017, Team Ninja has stated that the two Nioh games have sold a total of 7 million units. While this will not worry FromSoftware (Elden Ring alone having sold 16.6 million copies by July of this year), it does indicate that the upcoming game may have a large fan base.

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