Windows 11's Cozy Upgrade: The February 2024 Moment Unveiled!

Windows 11’s Cozy Upgrade: The February 2024 Moment Unveiled!

So, 2024 is rolling in, and guess what? Windows 11 is prepping for its fifth ‘Moment’ update, and they’re calling it the ‘February 2024 Moment.’ Our insider, Zac Bowden from Windows Central, spilled the beans that we’ll get a sneak peek in late February, and the full-on update will hit the stage around March 12.

But, here’s the deal – this update won’t blow your tech socks off. It’s more like a chill hangout of tweaks and extras. Picture this: if you’re into stylus action, get ready to doodle directly into text fields with your pen. And the gossip is, this cool feature might go big and become a Windows-wide thing someday.

Now, let’s talk tech talk. Voice Access is stepping into the spotlight, bringing the vibes with support for multiple monitors and some slick voice shortcuts.

In the small changes corner, Notepad is getting a character count, and you can give your devices some personality with custom names thanks to the Nearby Share feature. Oh, and here’s a touch of European flair – Microsoft is tweaking things to follow the rules. In the European Economic Area (EEA), you’ll get the power to wave goodbye to the Edge browser and swap out Bing from the taskbar search box for a search engine of your choice.