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Windows 11 Introduces Troubleshooting Tool for Controversial TPM 2.0 Requirement

Windows 11, known for its requirement of the TPM 2.0 security feature, now offers a helpful solution for users facing issues with this particular chip. The latest build of Windows 11 (25905) in the Canary channel unveils a new feature that addresses TPM-related problems, as revealed by the well-known leaker PhantomOfEarth on Twitter.

The Windows Security app now includes a ‘TPM troubleshooter’ option, aimed at assisting users in identifying and resolving problems associated with their TPM 2.0 module. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) can either be a separate hardware chip or a firmware TPM (fTPM) that utilizes the CPU, providing enhanced security for PCs.

TPM 2.0 has stirred controversy due to its requirement for Windows 11, as many older and even relatively new PCs lack this feature. Some users consider the mandatory upgrade of their motherboard or CPU, or the addition of a TPM security chip, to be an unfair condition imposed by Windows 11, especially since Windows 10 did not have this requirement.