Tronsmart Bang Max: An Affordable and Powerful Bluetooth Speaker with a Unique Name

If you’re in search of a large Bluetooth speaker for your post-festival season parties, we have come across an inexpensive option that may catch your attention. While the brand might not be widely recognized, its peculiar name is bound to spark conversations.

Introducing the Tronsmart Bang Max, a speaker weighing just under 6kg and boasting 130W of dynamic power. Is it loud enough for your party? Unless you reside in a mansion or have a penchant for ear-splitting death metal, the answer is yes. Generally, 100W is considered the minimum requirement for small gigs, so you should be more than satisfied.

Tronsmart, an audio company that may be unfamiliar to many, was founded by Eric Cheng in 2013 in Shenzhen, known as Asia’s Silicon Valley of hardware. In 2018, the company enlisted the endorsement of renowned soccer star Luis Suárez as its brand ambassador, adding to its presence in the market.