Where can you use Microsoft Edge

Back in the day, whenever you spoke about web browsing on Microsoft Windows, the first thing people spoke about was Internet Explorer. While the initial versions of the browser ruled the market, everything changed when Google released their own browser – Google Chrome. The Chrome browser hit the market running, and very soon, a running joke was made that the only reason people used Internet Explorer was to download Google Chrome.

The reason for this was obvious – Chrome outclassed the Internet Explorer browser in EVERY aspect. The sheer loading times of web pages on Chrome absolutely embarrassed Internet Explorer, and very soon, the browser that was once at the top of the food chain, found itself nowhere in the market.



There was a phase where Microsoft released an upgrade for Internet Explorer, called Microsoft Edge, promising faster loading times, a better and more modern UI, and much more, but even then, the browser could not even scratch the surface of Chrome and it looked like Microsoft was ready to wave the white flag. But, it looked like the solution to their problem was staring at them all along.

When Microsoft launched Windows 10, they announced that they would also be launching a whole new version of Microsoft Edge and that it would be an absolute game-changer. Having seen this kind of promise before, users remained skeptical, but as it turns out, everyone was in for a bit of a surprise. In 2019, the world was introduced to Microsoft’s brand new Edge browser, and almost immediately, what caught everyone’s attention was the fact that this browser was based on the Chromium source code, the same source code that powers Google Chrome. What Microsoft had done, was simple. They saw what powered the best web browser in the world, and used it to make their own flavor.



If you put Edge and Chrome side by side, you will see that the core of the browsers is the same. The menus are identical, preferences are pretty much the same, and probably the only thing that sets the two apart is the logo and UI. Microsoft has been known to be a bit flamboyant in terms of UI, and they have given Edge a bit of an elegant touch while staying true to the Chromium design language, and that is something we personally love.

The initial version of the new chromium bases Edge did have its fair share of bugs, but Microsoft remained committed to this, and today, the version of Edge we have on Windows 11 looks a lot more integrated into the overall Windows platform and we actually found ourselves using Edge rather than going for the routine ‘Download Google Chrome’ regime. The browser has been visibly improved in terms of performance and visual appeal, and the best part is -IT IS NOW AVAILABLE CROSS-PLATFORM!!

Yes, just like Chrome, you can download Edge on a host of devices including iOS, Android, and even macOS. The download is free and there are no hidden charges or Pro versions, so if you see someone selling an Edge Pro browser, it is a scam.

We have been following the journey of this browser since the time it was Internet Explorer, and we are happy to report that it seems like Microsoft has finally got their act together and truly delivered a brilliant new web browser.

If you want more information about the new Edge browser, you can visit this link.