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WhatsApp now allows you to look for companies

Many people use WhatsApp to shop, and they may no longer need to leave the app to locate a store. WhatsApp now allows you to search for companies (those that use the service’s Business Platform) by category or name. The function is first accessible in the United Kingdom, Colombia, Indonesia, and Mexico, with a larger version that includes small enterprises coming soon to Brazil.

WhatsApp also wants to handle payments. Following its August debut in India, the messaging app is now testing in-chat payments in Brazil. Instead of accessing the web, using another app, or conducting a face-to-face transaction, you may check out straight with your credit or debit card.

WhatsApp does not specify when these search and payment features will be available in the United States and other areas of the globe. WhatsApp merely indicated in a statement that it will increase access “in the future.” The launch, however, is obviously aimed towards nations where WhatsApp is popular, such as Brazil. The South American country is typically among the first to get new features, such as the ability to send and receive money.

It would not be shocking if the technology spreads to other parts of the world. Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, has made a point of including commerce capabilities in its major platforms, which include Facebook and Instagram. These new features may help Meta deliver a more uniform commerce experience across its applications — and, of course, earn some additional money.