WhatsApp Introduces View Once: Send Self-Destructing Voice Messages on Android and iOS

Hey did you see the new voice message feature on WhatsApp? It lets you send messages that disappear after the recipient listens to them.

It’s called View Once and it’s been in beta testing the last couple months. But now it’s rolling out to everyone on Android and iOS.

To use it, you just hold down the record button like normal but then swipe up to lock it. That makes a little “1” icon appear – tap that and it turns the message into a disappearing one.

The recipient has 2 weeks to open it before it deletes itself automatically. You’ll see when they’ve listened to it. And you can’t save, share or forward these temporary messages.

One catch is if the message gets backed up before being opened, it might not delete from the backup. So it’s not totally foolproof.

But overall it’s a cool privacy feature for when you just want to send little audio tidbits that don’t need to stick around forever.

No word yet on if it’ll come to WhatsApp Desktop too. They already have disappearing photos/videos there, so voice messages would make sense.

Anyway, it’s rolling out globally over the next few days so keep an eye out for the update.

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