What’s trending: 3 cyber trends to know about for 2022

What’s trending: 3 cyber trends to know about for 2022

The past two years were fascinating for cybersecurity pros. We watched as the world frantically switched to virtual versions of work, school, and play, and we saw how quick cybercriminals were to react to the confusion.


We’ve spent a lot of time analyzing the changes and predicting what’s next. Here are the key 2022 cybersecurity trends we’re tracking, and how to stay on top of them.


#1 Ransomware attacks will continue to rise


Unfortunately, ransomware attacks aren’t going anywhere. Why? Data is a hacker’s most valuable currency, and they know how much it’s worth to their victims, whether they’re targeting individuals or businesses. 


A quick refresher on ransomware attacks: cyber criminals hack into a system or network and basically hold the data hostage until the victim pays the “ransom” — which can run into the hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars. Depending on the attack, the hacker might encrypt all your files, folders and hard drives so you can’t open them, or lock you out of your device so you can’t even log in.