Whats the new thingy that's running on PC's laptops and tablets? Windows 8

Whats the new thingy that’s running on PC’s laptops and tablets? Windows 8

Unless you are in a cave or rather from outer space you would haven’t missed the Windows 8 Ads running on almost all the platforms. Things are getting serious for Windows 8, the new operating system from Microsoft. The two most important aspects of Windows 8 are the new graphical interface and its availability features which have been completely redesigned for the user.

Windows 8 New interface


The interface of Windows 8 is largely inspired by the one on Windows Phone 7 applications with an arrangement of tiles. Users familiar with WP7 will see so little change. The big evolution is clearly with Windows Explorer, which has a much richer interface than is available on Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows. The new “Ribbon” that appears in Windows Explorer 8, which is similar to the ribbon of MS Office applications, provides quick access to a set of features/actions: access to file properties, creating folders, activation function BitLocker (zip – encryption of data). In other words, forget the right-click, which allowed you to perform some of these actions until now.


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