We are moving closer and closer to a strangely utopian vision of technology. The ideas and fantasies of late 20th century science fiction are slowly coming to be our reality, but stranger than that we are surpassing what these writers and creators imagined even at the height of their creative powers.

We are about to find that a whole new world of mobile communication is available to us with the launch of the next generation of mobile network after 3G which is named, rather predictably, 4G. It will enable many great improvements such as vastly superior call quality, easier and faster video streaming as well as a host of other advances. It won’t change how we use the internet or our phones, but it will change how fast we do things that we have always done.
Games will see a massive leap forward in terms of both technical capability and also graphical and design quality. With a faster connection and easier access come many other benefits such as the ability to transfer realistic graphics and sound in much higher definition in roughly the same amount of time as it takes to transfer now. This will allow games designers and providers such as Betfair to offer much higher quality gaming experiences than anything that is available anywhere on the internet.

Not only that, but we will be able to play against other people on the planet with little or no need for the amount of loading that such a thing requires today.No matter what kind of game you prefer, or whether you visit a poker site like Betfair, or download an App, you will be able to enjoy an unprecedented gaming experience the likes of which have not been seen before. It might be advisable to learn how to play poker before you dive in.