What is eSports Integrity Commission?

What is eSports Integrity Commission?

As a not-for-profit members’ association which ESIC is, they are committed to helping all, be it tournament organizers, game developers, eSports leagues, or eSports betting operators with free bets online. The goal is to build a safe space within the eSport industry where transparency and order exist for every single party.


Principles of eSports Integrity Commission

ESIC has built itself on some core values and principles, which are fundamental to the organization and helps in maintaining its standards to give eSports a promising future that is due. With fair and reasonable principles, all stakeholders in the industry will work hand in hand for accountability and enforcement. The principles which ECIS operates on are six in number.

Integrity and Respect

With this principle, ESIC does not give room for any form of abuse or cheating in eSports. Anyone that will be participating in the competition must accord due respect to the officials. Opponents to compete with must be respected as well. The codes, rules, and regulations of the sports must be adhered to.

Fair Process

In implementing codes, rules, and regulations, ESIC is dedicated to transparent and fair processes. Therefore, all procedures to undertake the codes, rules, and regulations are fair, balanced, and without favour to any parties.

Implementation, Education, and Enforcement in Standardised Codes

All stakeholders in ESIC are aware and know the value of education as a means of awareness to deter all forms of corrupt practices. As a result, they are committed to an in-depth and comprehensive educational program. This is for clarity and fairness in implementing the standardized codes, rules, and regulations in eSports.

Recognition of Sanctions

ESIC and its recognized members are dedicated to recognizing and enforcing any sanction imposed on someone. As long as the sanction aligns with the ESIC  standard codes, policy, rules, and regulations, such will be enforced.

Sharing of information

Sharing of information is a core principle to ESIC, and it is agreed upon that sharing intelligence and information will be of value. It will adequately enhance the fight against cheating and corruption. This principle of ESIC supports their intelligence gathering and investigatory functions.


eSports Integrity Commission and its members are obliged to optimum confidentiality in dealing with issues that arise. When an offence has not been substantiated, the named individual will not be made public to prevent damages. All public statements regarding integrity issues are made per the codes, rules, and regulations of ESIC. Unless the party is found guilty, ESIC enhances confidentiality while carrying out its investigation.

Members of eSports Integrity Commission

The eSports Integrity Commission has members and supporters whom they work with to ensure that there is transparency in eSports competition. These members can also implement and enforce sanctions in line with the standardized ESIC codes, rules, and regulations. Members and supporters of ESIC are:

  • ESL, 
  • dreamhack, 
  • mettlestate, 
  • The Gamer Agency, 
  • sportradar, 
  • Intel, 
  • plantronics Gaming, e
  • Sports Middle East, 
  • Gameco. 

Other members of the commission are betting operators offering eSports and gambling regulators that oversee eSports betting operators.


In eSports, ESIC has enhanced some sanity among the video game competitors by investigating abnormalities and sanctioning the parties involved. Any threat assessment such as cheating to win using software, slowing or disabling an opponent through online attacks, engaging in match-fixing, and the organization tackles doping. And ever since they’ve come into operation, there have been some transformations, and they have been able to drastically reduce all forms of cheating and corruption in eSports. Through the efforts of ESIC and its associate members, the eSports industry has been assisted in dealing with common threats that may face everyone in the industry. Thereby creating a viable and enabling environment for all players, officials, stakeholders, and everyone at large in the eSports industry.