VMware Brings Back VeloCloud Brand to Launch New Edge and Security Combo

VMware Brings Back VeloCloud Brand to Launch New Edge and Security Combo

In tech, what’s old often becomes new again. VMware is proving that with its just-unveiled mashup of existing services sporting a revived brand from the past – VeloCloud.

So why exhume the VeloCloud name last used years ago? It seems customers still refer to VMware’s SD-WAN offering by the old moniker. And now a new unified secure access service edge (SASE) solution bundles that software-defined infrastructure with robust cloud security.

VeloCloud Gets New Lease on Life

Dubbed VMware VeloCloud SASE, the fresh offering blends familiar network virtualization tech for flexible branch/edge connectivity with advanced security protections as remote work explodes.

The goal, says Abe Ankumah, GM of VMware‘s Broadcom software unit, is enabling companies to modernize seamlessly while capitalizing on emerging opportunities like 5G and IoT.

VeloCloud apparently still holds brand equity with many clients. So reviving it underscores continuity even as VMware stretches its edge-based approach.

Hybrid Worker Infrastructure Demands Integration

With hybrid workforce necessities still unfolding, enterprise architecture must cover all bases. VMware VeloCloud SASE looks to simplify tying the diffuse edges together while fortifying them against modern threats.

Rather than siloed point solutions, customers increasingly seek holistic platforms, hence the integrated play. It builds on VMware’s 2021 buy of zero trust security pioneer Zscaler to flesh out protection.

The revived VeloCloud brand telegraphs a one-stop, flexible edge and security shop to partners and users alike. Maybe old names carry new potency after all.