Broadcom Axes VMware Perpetual Licenses Post Takeover

Broadcom Axes VMware Perpetual Licenses Post Takeover

Broadcom just dropped the news that they’re ditching perpetual licenses ASAP and diving headfirst into this subscription-based vibe. It’s all about catching those cloud consumption feels, you know?

VMware spilled the tea, saying they’ve been hustling for over a year to shift away from the one-time buy deals. Now, they’re all hyped about serving customers better by going all-in on subscriptions and term licenses. Perpetual licenses and Support and Subscription renewals? Yeah, those are so last season.

Krish Prasad, the big shot at VMware Cloud Foundation Division, spilled the deets on why customers should be stoked. It’s all about keeping the good stuff coming – constant innovation, quicker value delivery, and investments you can actually predict. And for the OG perpetual license holders, don’t worry; they’re still getting the support hookup. Plus, there’s this cool “trade-in” thing to slide into the subscription scene.

But wait, there’s more! VMware’s shaking up its product lineup, going for that “dramatic simplification” vibe. Now, you’ve got VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware vSphere Foundation on the menu, with optional extras if you’re feeling fancy.

And you know what’s the real game-changer? They’re ditching the old-school model for regular subscription payments. It’s like they’re shouting, “Yo, let’s keep this cash flow steady!” Annual recurring revenue is the new buzzword, bringing some financial harmony to the mix. Broadcom-VMware is basically setting sail into the cloud world with some serious swagger, ready to flex their customer-friendly moves.