GPT-4 Turbo Takes a 'Winter Break': AI Learns to Unwind and Embrace the Holiday Spirit

GPT-4 Turbo Takes a ‘Winter Break’: AI Learns to Unwind and Embrace the Holiday Spirit

It looks like GPT-4 Turbo, the newest version of OpenAI’s language model, is taking a bit of a break for the winter – kind of like how many people wind down in December.

According to a keen observer, Rob Lynch, on X (formerly Twitter), there’s an interesting pattern: GPT-4 Turbo seems to give shorter responses during December compared to other months like May. Lynch discovered this by changing the system prompt date.

Intriguingly, there’s a statistically significant trend showing that GPT-4 Turbo gets a bit more concise when it thinks it’s December, hinting that the AI might be picking up on the holiday season vibes. Ethan Mollick, an AI specialist at the Wharton School, suggests a fascinating idea – maybe GPT-4 Turbo is learning this behavior from us, humans. He notes that the AI seems to be about 5% less productive during the holiday season, at least according to his observations.