Viz Media Offers Free Streaming of Anime Classics like 'Sailor Moon' on YouTube

Viz Media Offers Free Streaming of Anime Classics like ‘Sailor Moon’ on YouTube

If you like anime, here’s something to do this weekend. Viz Media has posted some of the most well-known anime series on YouTube and made them free to watch. On the publisher’s account, you can now access programmes like Sailor Moon — the original series that aired in the 1990s, not the remake, Sailor Moon Crystal — Naruto, Death Note, Inuyasha, and Hunter X Hunter. Viz seems to have grouped the episodes into playlists, which might make binge viewing them simpler.

The episodes are interspersed with advertisements, which is to be anticipated for free programming. They are also not viewable in certain areas, so you may need to utilise a VPN depending on where you are. Please keep in mind that Viz only uploaded the Japanese audio versions of the series with English subtitles, and they haven’t been restored to match contemporary aspect ratios. Yet, if you’re feeling nostalgic or were too young to see them when they initially aired, this is a terrific opportunity to appreciate older episodes that may not be easily accessible on streaming sites.

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