Valve's most recent Steam Deck update adds lengthier custom boot animations

Valve’s most recent Steam Deck update adds lengthier custom boot animations

Yesterday, Valve published the newest Steam Deck beta update, which offers lengthier startup animations in addition to normal bug fixes and optimizations. The maximum duration of a boot sequence has now been expanded from 10 seconds to 30 seconds, allowing users to design lengthier bespoke starts.

Rather than try to put a stop to this tinkering, Steam’s parent firm Valve endorsed it and made it simpler to accomplish in a separate update for the Steam Deck portable earlier this month. There’s also a dedicated subreddit and an online library where producers are publishing movies for free download for Steam Deck users, with a number of 30-second-long sequences currently accessible.

Trying it out looks to be very simple: users must establish a folder route on the Steam Deck (steamui / overrides / movies /) where the console will seek for video files to execute at startup. If you want to get films straight from the source, you may not have to wait long, as a data miner discovered a JSON document indicating that Valve intends to offer its own startup movies directly on the Steam Store.

Those testing features in the Steam Deck Beta and Preview channels now have access to the beta update required to allow longer video sequences. There is currently no official release date for the public build, however, you may sign up for testing by going to Settings > System > Steam Update Channel on the Steam Deck console.

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