Valve will shortly inform you of the components of your Steam Deck

Valve will shortly inform you of the components of your Steam Deck

Valve has released a new set of beta updates for its Steam Deck, one of which might aid in maintenance and repairs for the portable gaming PC by detailing internal components and preventing users from having to break the device open to find out.

Within individual Steam Decks, the new component lookup view will reveal the model and manufacturer of each significant hardware piece. However, since the list only includes factory-installed components, it will not identify or update any new hardware that users install themselves. Users who have enabled beta client updates will be able to access the new component search by going to Settings > System > Model/Serial Numbers.

Valve said that the increased component transparency was included because system enthusiasts requested it and that it would assist customers wanting to repair or replace components using iFixit.

Individual component manufacturers may have a startling impact on the whole system, as proved earlier this year when gadget outfitting firm Dbrand had to re-engineer its ‘Project Killswitch’ Steam Deck enclosure. The magnetic kickstand in the enclosure was slowing down the fans in certain Steam Deck models — but only those with Delta fans rather than Huaying fans. Valve says the Steam Deck will continue to employ Delta and Huaying fans in the future, and that the fans are “rolled in an engineered foam solution on the Steam Deck backplate to decrease noise.”

Some minor upgrades have also been sent out to the beta channel, such as the option to bypass startup animations by tapping the B button – something we can use when we’re sick of custom 30-second-long launch animations. User-created virtual menu icons, as well as additional controllers such as the Hori Fighting Commander Octa and several third-party PS3/PS4/PS5 controllers, have been added.

There is no news on when these beta features will be included in the main build. If you wish to try them out before the complete release, go to Settings > System > Steam Update Channel and activate the Client beta.

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