Unraveling the Details of Joe Rogan's $250 Million Spotify Contract

Unraveling the Details of Joe Rogan’s $250 Million Spotify Contract

Comedian and podcasting juggernaut Joe Rogan has signed a new multi-year deal with Spotify worth over $250 million, according to reports. This represents a significant investment increase despite ongoing controversies surrounding misinformation on Rogan’s show.

With 100 million downloads per month, The Joe Rogan Experience continues to be Spotify’s most popular podcast. The streaming platform is now angling to expand Rogan’s audience further by distributing his podcasts on additional platforms like YouTube.

While financially lucrative for Spotify and Rogan, the deal is likely to draw further criticism. Rogan has faced backlash from doctors, scientists and listeners for promoting unsubstantiated COVID-19 claims. Musicians like Neil Young have even pulled their catalogs from Spotify in protest.