Apple Vision Pro

Top Apple Vision Pro Apps You Can’t Miss at Launch

With the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro headset, a compelling new world of spatial computing apps has arrived. Over 600 apps specially designed for the cutting-edge device allow users to experience entertainment, productivity, collaboration, creativity, and more in bold new ways.

Microsoft helped lead the charge, adapting Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office apps to utilize Vision Pro’s capabilities for focus, multi-tasking and generative AI assistance. Disney went all-out, letting users don virtual Disney Worlds to stream shows or fully immerse themselves in supported 3D films. And both MLB and NBA are getting fans off the couch and into the game with stats-enhanced, multi-view game streaming.


Apple Vision Pro


Vision Pro enables apps to transcend screens. Lowe’s home improvement app lets users design dream kitchens by stepping right into them, with hundreds of materials at their fingertips. Game Room makes chess, solitaire and other tabletop titles larger than life. And apps like Box, JigSpace, and Complete Heart take collaborative work and learning to properly mind-blowing levels.


Top Apple Vision Pro Apps You Can't Miss at Launch


With over a million iPhone apps at launch and Apple’s robust first-party software support, Vision Pro unlocks new levels of human creativity, productivity, and connectivity right out of the gate. And if marquee streaming services like Netflix, YouTube or Spotify haven’t jumped in yet, they likely soon will once they witness the headset’s transformative impact across industries. Vision Pro promises to pioneer the next epoch-defining platform – and the rich collection of innovative launch apps provides an exciting first glimpse.