How to Uninstall Mysafesavings from Windows 7?

How to Uninstall Mysafesavings from Windows 7?

This ransomware virus doesn’t add an extension or modify original files; instead, it creates encrypted ones. So using an antivirus program, you won’t be able to access encrypted files after complete scanning of the system. Hence, manual steps are highly recommended by experts. These steps may damage your machine’s original file or directory. Hence back up all essential data before proceeding with the following steps.

You can use backup or system restore utility to backup registry values and delete values added by the MySafesavings virus. To do so, follow these steps:

1) Restart your Computer in safe mode by continuously pressing the F8 key during the booting process.

2) Once the Windows Operating System loads, go to Start > Run and enter ” regedit. ” It will open Registry Editor.

3) Find out all entries related to the MySafesavings virus and delete them from Registry. Search for the following entries using the above method: