Uncovering McLaren's Upgrades: The Secrets Behind the Austrian Grand Prix Surge

Uncovering McLaren’s Upgrades: The Secrets Behind the Austrian Grand Prix Surge

The new version of the car also features an extended lower lip on the intake, increasing the amount of air passing under the sidepods and directing it. This design resembles the intake introduced by Red Bull last year, which other teams have since adopted.

The rear-view mirror on the MCL60 has undergone a design change, appearing simpler, with slightly different mirror supports. While these changes may not drastically impact the car’s performance, they contribute to overall design improvements.

Unfortunately, the most crucial element, the car’s floor, remains hidden from cameras, preventing detailed analysis. However, McLaren likely gained valuable information about the best floor concept from Sergio Perez’s accident in Monaco.

Since the introduction of new regulations in 2022, the floor has become a crucial source of downforce for F1 cars. Teams invest significant time and resources in developing efficient floor designs to generate the necessary downforce levels.