Uncovering McLaren's Upgrades: The Secrets Behind the Austrian Grand Prix Surge

Uncovering McLaren’s Upgrades: The Secrets Behind the Austrian Grand Prix Surge

McLaren’s impressive performance at the Austrian Grand Prix, with Lando Norris finishing in fourth place, coincided with the introduction of a B-spec version of their MCL60 car. Let’s explore the technical details of McLaren’s upgrades and analyze why they were successful at the Red Bull Ring.

One of the most noticeable changes is the redesigned sidepods, halo, car floor, and engine cover. The new bodywork features wider side-pods with deep and pronounced waterslides, resembling Aston Martin’s approach. This design philosophy aims to push the “dirty” air generated by rotating tires away from the car and direct clean air to the rear aerodynamic elements, maximizing their performance.

The waterslides also prove beneficial during cornering, as they efficiently direct air towards the rear of the car, enhancing cornering stability and enabling faster lap times. Teams have realized the usefulness of waterslides in directing air during changes in direction, contributing to improved aerodynamic efficiency.