Skull and Bones

Ubisoft’s ‘Skull and Bones’ Faces Another Delay, Release Now Set for Q4 2023-24

Uncertainty Surrounds Release Date of Unnamed 'Large' Ubisoft Game

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated pirate action-adventure game, ‘Skull and Bones,’ is once again encountering a delay, as revealed in the company’s latest earnings report. This latest setback is not the first for the game, and it brings into question the release timing of another undisclosed “large” Ubisoft project.

A History of Delays for ‘Skull and Bones’

‘Skull and Bones’ has been no stranger to delays since its initial announcement back in 2017. Over the past year alone, it has missed three separate release windows: first, it was slated for November 8, 2022, then pushed to March 9, 2023, and now, it holds a more indefinite release window in the “early” part of fiscal year 2023-24, which commenced in April 2023.