Twitter's secret VIP list is the source of Elon Musk's frequent posts

Twitter’s secret VIP list is the source of Elon Musk’s frequent posts

We now understand why Twitter’s algorithm often recommends specific individuals’ tweets. According to Newsletter Platformer, the firm has a hidden VIP list of a few dozen accounts that “it monitors and provides higher prominence” in its recommendation algorithm. Elon Musk is among the accounts, as with a number of other well-known Twitter users.

The news comes as Musk has often vowed to open source Twitter’s recommendation algorithms. He also recently indicated that premium Twitter Blue customers will soon be able to have their tweets shown in the algorithmic “For You” stream. It’s unclear if that adjustment would also impact the VIP list of users who get a feed increase on a regular basis. Several of the accounts on the list are presently verified but do not pay for Twitter Blue, such as President Joseph Biden and YouTuber Mr Beast. Twitter no longer has a communications staff to handle inquiries.

According to Platformer, the VIP list was “initially developed to track the interaction received by Twitter power users” as the firm sought to dispel rumours that it “shadowbans” particular users in order to restrict their visibility on the network. Musk recently stated, “Our ‘algorithm’ is excessively complicated and not completely understood inside.”

But, the list, which apparently includes just 35 accounts in addition to Musk, reveals who Musk feels should benefit from Twitter’s algorithm. The whole list, which includes LeBron James, New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, venture investor Marc Andreesen, Tesla fan account @teslaownerssv, and conservative star Ben Shapiro, was not published by Platformer. It also includes @catturd2, who Rolling Stone recently labelled as the “Sh-tposting King of MAGA Twitter.”

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