Twitter Blue premium subscriptions now accessible globally

Twitter Blue premium subscriptions now accessible globally

You don’t have to worry if the relaunched Twitter Blue membership is available in your country. Blue is now accessible globally, according to Twitter. You can obtain the no-longer-special blue checkmark as well as 4,000-character tweets, superior ranking in responses, post editing, and other bonuses for $8 per month ($11 if you join up through the iOS app).

Meanwhile, organisations can pursue a more valuable tick next to their names. Twitter has began accepting applications for the grey checkmarks that validate government officials and organisations, as well as their multilateral counterparts. As you may expect, the standards are more stringent. Candidates must provide either a government ID or a legitimate email address, as well as a description of their jobs and activities. Companies can now apply for gold checkmarks.

The new Twitter Blue debuted in November, but it rapidly encountered issues. Many soon utilised the membership to spoof important personalities because the checkmark looked the same whether you paid for it or were a legacy verified user. Twitter quickly barred new users from signing up for Blue, forcing it to restart the tier in December with gold and grey checkmarks.

A global rollout may be required to increase Blue’s appeal. According to a leak source, the premium version had just 180,000 customers in the United States as of mid-January. CEO Elon Musk is rumoured to desire subscriptions to account for 50% of Twitter’s income, which necessitates attracting a large audience. So, the concern is less about availability and more about whether enough people would think the added features are worthwhile.

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