Twitter Announces Free Access for Bots to API with Conditions Imposed

Twitter Announces Free Access for Bots to API with Conditions Imposed

Twitter has provided further information on its upcoming changes to its Application Programming Interface (API), which will now require most developers to pay for access to its developer tools. In a recent update, the company stated that there will be “a new form of free access” that will permit the creation of up to 1,500 Tweets per month.

This development will allow many of Twitter’s automated accounts, commonly referred to as “good bots,” to continue operating on the platform. These accounts tweet various content, ranging from historical photos to helpful reminders. Previously, the future of these bots was in doubt, as many bot makers stated they would not pay for API access.

However, the 1,500 monthly limit on tweet creation could still affect bots that tweet frequently. The limit equates to approximately 50 tweets per day, which may prove challenging for Twitter’s most active bots. Twitter has also granted a temporary reprieve for developers facing the loss of API access, announcing an extension of the current API version until February 13th.

After that date, developers seeking access to the “paid basic” tier of Twitter’s API will have to pay $100 per month, according to Twitter. The company has also confirmed that it will be ending the Premium API and that subscribers will have the option to switch to the Enterprise version of the service. Twitter has yet to announce any options for researchers currently using its developer tools for their projects.

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