Twitch has started testing a premium 'Elevated Chat' option

Twitch has started testing a premium ‘Elevated Chat’ option

Twitch will begin testing a method for its users to increase their platform chat remarks. The “experiment,” dubbed “Elevated Chat,” is intended to allow users to elevate their chat messages for a limited period for a one-time cost. Fees range from $5 to $100 and are provided in five distinct levels ranging from 30 seconds to two and a half minutes.

The capability is presently accessible on the platform for a “small number of channels.” The option to elevate conversations may display at the top or bottom of a video, and a user may buy an Elevated Chat based on how long they wish to keep their message visible.

Multiple users may raise their chat message at the same time, according to Game Developer, but it is first-come, first-served, queued based on who paid it first, and “controlled by streamers and moderators.” Once a chat message has been posted, moderators have the option to “timeout” or ban the user. If a remark is deleted, users will not be able to claim a refund, nor will they be able to raise another user’s chat message.

The trial will involve a 70/30 income split for creators. The Twitch test started on Thursday on qualified channels and is expected to last four weeks. It will be accessible in the United States, and it will also be available in Germany, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, and Taiwan.

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