Twerking videos can now be monetised on YouTube

YouTube is making some updates that are making waves. Now, videos showing breastfeeding content can actually make money on the platform, as long as they meet certain criteria. Yep, you heard it right! The updated policy allows monetization for breastfeeding videos, even if they show the mom’s areola or feature someone using a breast pump with visible nipples. But, and there’s always a but, these videos need to shout out breastfeeding in the context and have a kiddo in the mix to earn that ad cash. Otherwise, no money vibes.

In the past, videos with exposed nipples during breastfeeding couldn’t cash in on YouTube. But, the platform had a change of heart after getting feedback on how helpful these videos are for parents in the thick of parenthood.

And that’s not all the scoop! YouTube is also changing its dance rules. Now, creators can rake in the dough for videos with dance moves like twerking and grinding, as long as they’re not all about extreme minimal clothing or zeroing in on body parts like breasts, butt, and genitalia. But, and here’s another but, if the dance involves moves mimicking sexual acts, like grabbing someone’s private parts, sorry, no money for you. They’re also keeping an eye on existing content to see if it follows the new rules and will flip the switch on ads if it’s all good by their advertiser-friendly guidelines.