Discord has decided to pull the plug on its Clyde Chatbot

Discord’s waving goodbye to its AI buddy, Clyde, and it’s happening way sooner than we thought – less than a year since they introduced the chatty bot. If you check out Clyde’s support page, there’s a note spilling the beans that the bot is getting the boot at the end of this month. Short-lived, huh? Clyde was this experimental feature jazzed up by OpenAI tech.

So, starting December 1, 2023, Clyde won’t be showing up in your DMs, Group DMs, or server chats. It was supposed to be this cool AI helper right there in your server, ready to chat and even crack a joke or two. But here’s the plot twist – not everyone got to play with Clyde. Some users were left out, and to add a bit of drama, screenshots on the Discord subreddit revealed Clyde could sometimes go off the rails with not-so-friendly language.

Whatever the scoop behind pulling the plug, Clyde’s making its exit this December. Alongside Clyde’s short-lived journey, Discord added in some other AI goodies in the past year – moderation tools, chat summaries, and avatar tinkering. Looks like Clyde’s getting the curtain call, but who knows what Discord has up its sleeve next?