Turn 10 and Hutch Team Up for New Car Customization Mobile Game

Turn 10, the developer behind the popular Forza Motorsport franchise, has announced a collaboration with Hutch, the creator of F1 Clash, to develop a new mobile game. The upcoming title will focus on delivering a comprehensive car customization experience and will be tailored to appeal to a wide audience on mobile platforms. The companies revealed this partnership in a joint statement, although specific details regarding the game’s title and release date have not yet been disclosed.

Turn 10 and Hutch have been engaged in discussions about a collaborative project since 2020. The objective of this joint venture is to leverage Forza’s acclaimed gameplay and visually stunning style, combined with Hutch’s expertise in mobile live operations. Both companies share a vision of creating a leading automotive gaming experience on a platform that reaches a broad user base.

Hutch, based in the UK, is recognized for developing F1 Clash, originally known as F1 Manager. In addition to F1 Clash, the company offers a range of other automotive games, including Top Drives, Hot Wheels Race Off, and the now-discontinued Race Kings. Meanwhile, Turn 10 has gained a reputation for its successful Forza racing series, which initially launched in 2005. The latest installment, Forza Motorsport, is scheduled for release on October 10th.

Although Forza Street, a mobile title released in May 2020, was the only previous mobile entry in the Forza series, it was essentially a rebranded version of Miami Street developed by Electric Square. Unfortunately, Forza Street was shut down last year. However, Hutch brings relevant experience in car customization through their work on F1 Clash, where players can modify and upgrade cars as part of their race management decisions.

The collaboration between Turn 10 and Hutch holds promise for delivering an exciting new mobile gaming experience. By combining the strengths of both companies, they aim to provide players with a compelling car customization-focused game that captures the essence of Forza’s renowned gameplay and visuals. As fans eagerly await further details, the partnership represents an opportunity to create a standout mobile automotive gaming experience that could captivate a broad audience.