TRIO and TRIO MAX Review

TRIO and TRIO MAX Review

We are all living in an unprecedented predicament, where working from home is now a new normal. This has also allowed people to get creative, and explore other interests, while also pursuing their day jobs. Traveling these days is heavily restricted and even when you can, you are mostly restricted to your laptop, which, may or may not, always be everything you need. What if you had some way to enhance your multi-tasking experience?

In this review, we are going to review one of the most under-rated, yet insanely helpful devices, the TRIO and TRIO MAX. Let’s get started –

The TRIO and TRIO MAX is a group of portable laptop displays. Yes, you heard correctly, a set of portable displays for your laptops. The main objective of these devices is to help you enhance your multi-tasking, whether it is at your home, office, or even on the move. When we heard about these devices for the first time, we actually felt that they were nothing more than a gimmick, but when we saw the rather eye-raising pricing of $251 after discount, we were compelled to take them a little more seriously.

So, on receiving our TRIO and TRIO MAX order, the first thing we did was unboxing.

What’s in the box?

When you unbox the TRIO and TRIO MAX device, you will find a very modest packaging that consists of the following –

  1. The Trio monitor
  2. A 2-in-1 USB Type-C  to Type-A cable
  3. 4 magnets
  4. Trio clip
  5. User guide

It is really good to see that the brand has included all the connectivity options so that it is more or less a plug-and-play affair. The packaging, though modest, is very neatly arranged, and the quality of the components themselves feels very nice and robust.

In terms of the in-box components, we really have no complaints, and the inclusion of the clips and magnets makes it ready to use from the get-go.

Setup and thoughts

Ok, once the unboxing is done, we have to set it up. The procedure is fairly simple.

First, attach the four magnets, to the four corners of the lid of the laptop. Next, slot in the TRIO display into the metal plate. Attach the metal plate to the magnets (They should hook up with a satisfying snap). Next, slide out the TRIO display from either side of the metal plate and then establish the connection with your laptop, using the Type-C to Type-A cable that has been provided.