Trailer Released For SteamWorld Build

Trailer Released For SteamWorld Build

The announcement of SteamWorld Build, a city builder and tower defence combination, came as a pleasant surprise to fans of the long-running steampunk brand. SteamWorld Build, like previous releases, takes the famous indie game brand into an entirely new genre while leaning into its distinctive cowboys-but-robots steampunk style.

Since its debut on the Nintendo DSi in 2010, the SteamWorld brand has ventured into a variety of genres. With Steamworld Dig, a Metroidvania with smart puzzles and platforming, the series fully came into its own. SteamWorld Heist, on the other hand, was a turn-based tactics game that emphasised precision targeting and angling shots, similar to sidescrolling billiards with firearms. SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, released recently, was a more classic party-based RPG featuring deck-building features. SteamWorld Headhunter, an unreleased third-person co-op adventure, was unveiled in 2021, thus it’s strange to see a different SteamWorld title taking centre stage today.



With a teaser that displays its distinctive western steampunk graphical style in a full-fledged city builder, Thunderful Games unveiled SteamWorld Build. Players will, as predicted, be entrusted with expanding and maintaining their busy cities by erecting buildings, laying roads, and refining resources to fulfil resource needs. Unlike many difficult management games, there are few time limitations to contend with, and players may often go at their own speed without everything collapsing. There are also several decorations to enrich the cities, which are filled with attractive robot residents and mechanical animals going about their daily activities.

SteamWorld Build, in classic SteamWorld form, adds a new twist to the genre by returning to the franchise’s origins and bringing a tower defence layer to the game’s underworld. Players will progressively advance underground, finding new resource nodes while creating a slew of fortifications in case hordes of attackers come to sabotage their mining operations. The dark and stressful underworld contrasts well with the colourful, serene, low-pressure overworld city development, making it almost feel like two games in one. Players will have access to certain defensive troops and buildings, and mastering tower defence classics like as chokepoints and mazes will be critical to success.

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A free trial is now available for gamers who wish to test out Steamworld Build ahead of its full release; however, players should be aware that the demo presently lacks gamepad functionality, which will be included with the game’s full release. Meanwhile, the Steam Base Builder Fest is still going on, offering discounts on a variety of titles with similar features.

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