Toyota Develops 'Game Changer' Direct Automatic Transmission (DAT) - Racing Driver Praises Its Performance

Toyota Develops ‘Game Changer’ Direct Automatic Transmission (DAT) – Racing Driver Praises Its Performance

Toyota's Upcoming Direct Automatic Transmission (DAT) Receives High Praise from Racing Driver for Its Performance on the Track

Toyota’s development of the new gearbox began in the second half of 2020. While it has been tested primarily in motorsport applications so far, reports from Japan suggest that the GR Yaris will receive an eight-speed, torque-converter automatic transmission in 2024. Officially, Toyota states that DAT is being developed to encourage more people to participate in motorsport by making racing more accessible, thanks to the removal of the clutch pedal.

Hiroaki Ishiura points out that a conventional automatic transmission typically feels “slippery” and lacks the direct connection that manual transmissions provide. In contrast, DAT is designed to mimic the behavior of a skilled driver who manually shifts gears, offering a more engaging and responsive driving experience. The development of this faster automatic transmission was initiated by Akio Toyoda’s vision of “spreading the joy of driving” to a wider audience, as not everyone is proficient in driving a manual.

Toyota’s approach to the development of the Direct Automatic Transmission underlines its commitment to enhancing the driving experience for enthusiasts while maintaining an appreciation for the traditional internal combustion engine, even as it embraces electrification for the future.