Touch the Future: Apple Rumored to Introduce Touchscreen MacBook Pro

Touch the Future: Apple Rumored to Introduce Touchscreen MacBook Pro

Tech enthusiasts, hold onto your seats because the rumors are true – Apple is reportedly working on a touchscreen MacBook Pro. And while we don’t have all the details yet, sources say that these touch-friendly laptops could hit the market as early as 2025. Now, for those of you who may be thinking, ‘but Apple always said touch is better on a product like the iPad,’ let me tell you, this move is a game changer. But don’t expect a radical departure from the traditional Apple laptop design. The MacBook Pro would likely still run on macOS and have a standard trackpad and keyboard, but incorporate display taps and gestures, similar to what you see on Windows laptops and 2-in-1s. And, the report also suggests that Apple may expand the touch input to other Mac models over time, but there are no plans to merge macOS and iPadOS – yet.

And it’s not just the touch aspect that’s getting an upgrade, folks. The report also states that Apple is shifting to OLED displays for its Macs, similar to the ones used on iPhones and Apple Watches. A move that makes total sense, if you ask me.

Now, some of you may remember the Touch Bar that was introduced in 2016 as a step towards full touchscreen capabilities on MacBooks. But let’s be real, it was never fully embraced by developers or Apple’s loyal fanbase, and it was removed from the 2021 MacBook Pro redesign.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking, ‘but Steve Jobs said touchscreens don’t belong on Macs.’ And while that may have been true back in the day, times have changed, and so has Apple. Just look at the iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPad mini and Apple Pencil – all products that Steve Jobs once mocked. The computing world has evolved, and so has Apple. And I, for one, can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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