Top 5 Controllers for your Nintendo Switch

Top 5 Controllers for your Nintendo Switch

Look, we all got sucked into the novelty of Nintendo’s funky controllers when we first fired up our Switches. But be honest – how often do you find yourself gritting your teeth in pain or fumbling inputs during intense gaming sessions? Those things just aren’t made for marathon play or lightning reflexes.

But don’t retire your Switch just yet! Your achy thumbs and cramped hands are crying out for a true gaming savior. Let me be your guide on a magical quest to uncover the top 5 pro controllers that will absolutely transform your Nintendo experience.

We’re talking total comfort, customizability, and control precision crafted specifically for YOU, no matter your playstyle. Competitive Smash giving you grief? We’ve got you. Is Animal Crossing more your speed? Say no more. From ergonomic legends to retro-inspired classics, your perfect match awaits.


Number 1. 8BitDo Lite SE


Top 5 Controllers for your Nintendo Switch


Gaming should be fun for everyone, but standard controllers aren’t always accessible for players with limited hand mobility. The Lite SE levels the playing field with an innovative design that can rest flat on surfaces. By moving all buttons to the face, there’s no need to grip tightly or contort your hands. Rubber grips on the bottom keep things stable even during frantic gameplay.

Now friends and family with dexterity challenges can seamlessly join in the fun. This universal controller works across multiple platforms beyond the Switch too, including iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. With the Lite SE’s thoughtful and customizable layout, the days of exclusion and painful claw grips are over. Inclusive gaming has arrived so no one gets left on the sidelines.


Number 2. 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller


Top 5 Controllers for your Nintendo Switch


Thanks to the Switch Online service, nostalgic gamers can revisit classics from the NES, Super NES, Game Boy and more. With the Expansion Pack, even Nintendo 64, SEGA Genesis and Game Boy Advance titles join the retro fun. But reliving these greats demands the right controller.

Enter the SN30 Pro – a controller blending retro design with modern upgrades. Its authentic SNES-style layout and ergonomic shape hit all the right nostalgia notes. Yet dual joysticks, wireless freedom, and extra shoulder buttons provide conveniences today’s gamers expect.

Whether you want to relive childhood classics or introduce new gamers to beloved retro experiences, the SN30 Pro is the perfect bridge between the past and present. Its familiar form transports you back in time, while its enhanced features ensure your old school gaming is still smooth, comfortable, and cutting edge. The childhood memories come flooding back, now with modern amenities.


Number 3. 8BitDo Pro 2


Top 5 Controllers for your Nintendo Switch


For Switch owners wanting a PlayStation-style design with retro flair, look no further than this SNES-inspired controller. At first glance it channels nostalgia with a classic Super Nintendo button layout. But don’t be fooled – this gamepad packs plenty of modern amenities.

Twin sticks, textured grips, back paddles, and full customization give you total control. Adjust stick sensitivity, remap buttons, switch up colors – it’s the Swiss Army knife of versatility. And it plays nice with nearly any device you own, including Windows, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, and the Steam Deck.

Even non-Switch gamers should keep this cross-platform gamepad handy. Its retro style blended with current-gen features creates the ultimate fusion of past and future. Game on with the comfort of the classics and the flexibility of today’s cutting edge controllers. Nostalgia never felt so innovative.


Number 4. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


Top 5 Controllers for your Nintendo Switch


Sometimes you just want a classic, no-frills controller for action-packed gaming. We’re talking the familiar form popularized by Xbox – contoured grips, clicky shoulder buttons, textured analog sticks, d-pad on the left, buttons on the right.

For those craving a back-to-basics gamepad, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller delivers. It nails the conventional layout while retaining modern Switch features like HD rumble and infrared sensing. The d-pad even regains its rightful left side position, perfect for precise platformers and fighters.

At $70 it’s pricy, but serious players of kinetic games like the upcoming Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will appreciate the refined ergonomics and premium build. For gamers who find the Joy-Cons lacking, the Pro Controller offers a comfortable, intuitive grip reminiscent of legacy controllers. Familiarity and functionality combine for immersive gameplay. Sometimes basic is best.


Number 5. PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller


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Listen, if you’re on a tight budget or just love the freedom that wireless gaming gives you, PowerA’s controllers are a really solid pick compared to the official GameCube controller. I’m telling you, these things not only have a sturdy feel and responsive buttons, but they also come in a bunch of different colors so you can match your style. It’s like they bottled up the magic of the classic Wavebird – you get that same wireless, nostalgic kick that takes you back to the good ol’ days of the GameCube, especially when you grab some RF dongles and dust off that GameCube adapter in the closet.

And oh man, if you’re a GameCube fan, it is an amazing time right now! Some of the absolute classics are coming back – I’m talking Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Baten Kaitos, Metroid Prime Remastered, Tales of Symphonia, even Ty the Tasmanian Tiger! They’re getting re-released on the Nintendo Switch, can you believe it? With PowerA’s controllers, you can dive back into these retro gems and it feels just like you remember.