Top 4 Mind-Blowing Strava features that you should definitely use

In the realm of outdoor adventures and fitness pursuits, there often comes a moment during a challenging run, hike, or cycle when the realization dawns: “I’m in unfamiliar territory, and no one knows my whereabouts.” It’s a disconcerting thought, one that can grip even the most seasoned outdoor enthusiasts.

Fortunately, the age of smart technology has ushered in an array of safety tools to address this concern. For instance, the best Garmin watches are equipped with LiveTrack, a feature that allows your friends and family to monitor your progress in real-time during your runs or cycling expeditions. This feature, as demonstrated by many, offers peace of mind to both athletes and their loved ones, ensuring that a safety net is always in place.

Apple Watches, on the other hand, have introduced game-changing features such as Crash Detection and Fall Detection. These capabilities automatically trigger alerts to emergency contacts or even emergency services if the watch detects an accident or fall and receives no prompt to cancel the call. It’s a testament to how wearable technology can serve as a lifeline in critical situations.

Meanwhile, Strava, a platform synonymous with tracking and encouraging outdoor activities, has entered the safety arena. As part of its Strive for More initiative, Strava aims to entice more individuals into cycling, both for leisure and as a professional pursuit. However, this endeavor comes with its unique set of challenges. Strava is striving to empower both seasoned users and newcomers, especially those who engage in solitary runs or rides, with an awareness of the safety tools at their disposal.

In essence, these innovations underscore the transformative potential of smart technology in the realm of outdoor fitness. They not only enhance our performance and tracking capabilities but also serve as virtual guardians, ensuring that we can savor our adventures with the added assurance that help is just a call or notification away.


Number 1. Ability to hide the start and end points


Top 4 Mind-Blowing Strava features that you should definitely use