Tips You Need To Know About Moving With Your Own Electric Car

Tips You Need To Know About Moving With Your Own Electric Car

If you’re about to make a long-distance move and you want to take your electric car with you, you might want to consider talking to car shipping companies to transport your vehicle. Shipping your vehicle is a more convenient alternative to driving it from your old house to your new home. Below are some tips on how to move your electric car.

1. Hire a Car Shipping Company

First, look for car shipping companies, also known as auto transport companies, or transport brokers in your area. You may want to get multiple price quotes to see which one offers the best pricing and services. 

While doing your search, you may encounter two types of companies: car shipping companies and transport brokers. Car shipping companies are the ones to directly handle the transport of your electric car, from loading at pickup to unloading at drop off. They are experts at handling vehicles and choosing the best routes to make sure you get your vehicle within schedule.

On the other hand, transport brokers do not handle the shipment itself, but they work with multiple car shippers to give you the best service available more quickly. Some shippers do not engage with customers directly, so you can only reach them through a partner transport broker.