Three games are cancelled by Ubisoft, and "Skull & Bones" is again delayed

Three games are cancelled by Ubisoft, and “Skull & Bones” is again delayed

Ubisoft is currently facing challenges as they have had to cancel three more games in addition to the four previously cancelled last summer. Furthermore, the highly anticipated game “Skull and Bones” which was initially showcased at E3 2017 has been delayed yet again, this time to the early part of the 2023-24 fiscal year starting in April. This marks the sixth delay in the game’s release.

According to Ubisoft’s financial statement, players will soon have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Skull and Bones during the beta phase. The extra time has been beneficial for the game’s development, resulting in noticeable improvements in quality, as confirmed by recent playtests. Ubisoft believes that players will be pleasantly surprised by the game’s evolution and has decided to delay its release to ensure that a more polished and balanced experience is delivered and to increase awareness.

In addition to the delays and cancellations, Ubisoft has also lowered its financial projections for the October-December quarter from €830 million ($891 million) to €725 million ($779 million). The company attributes this to the underperformance of the games “Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope” and “Just Dance 2023” in the market. CEO Yves Guillemot stated that the company is facing a challenging market, with a shift towards mega-brands and games with ongoing content, coupled with worsening economic conditions affecting consumer spending.