This is what happens when you choose not to upgrade the OS on your Android smartphone

This is what happens when you choose not to upgrade the OS on your Android smartphone

The Android operating system has gone a long way from its first release about a decade ago, and in that time, it has kept up with technological advances and truly changed our smartphone experience.

Google works on new modifications to the Android platform every year, and while we’re used to minor bug fixes and security upgrades every three months or so, the main buzz is around the title update, which comes once a year.


This is what happens when you choose not to upgrade the OS on your Android smartphone


Every year, Google provides title upgrades that include numerous significant enhancements to every element of the ecosystem. The programs improve, become more stable, and even gain additional functionality. The majority of the time, the title update for Android includes a change in the design language.

The designers at Google ensure that the OS maintains a UI that is in sync with modern design principles, and that is something that keeps users on board with the OS and the ecosystem in general.

Whenever there is an update that is available for Android, it is recommended that you download and install them as early as possible. However, if you don’t update your Android smartphone to the latest version, you will not really face a problem, but there are some cons.

  1. One of the guaranteed effects of not updating your Android smartphone is that some of your apps will stop working properly, or completely. This is because there are cases where the developers update their apps for the new OS and sometimes, stop supporting older versions.
  2. New OS updates come with better security features and protocols, which you will miss out on if you don’t update your device.
  3. Finally, if you decide not to update your Android smartphone, you will miss out on the cosmetic changes that come with the new version of the OS.

Make sure you grab the OS updates when they come. It will only improve your device and keep it fresh and more secure. Currently, the latest Android version available in the market is Android 12, and while it is already seeding to the newer devices, the OEMs are hard at work, trying to optimize and deliver the version to older devices as well. If you own an Android smartphone, and it is eligible for the upgrade and it has not been seeded yet, you can visit the official website of your smartphone brand and check for any news on the availability of the upgrade.

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