In June, three new cosmic PS5 console covers will be available

In June, three new cosmic PS5 console covers will be available

The PlayStation 5 will receive three new console cover colors on June 17th – starlight blue, cosmic purple, and nova pink — but preorders are currently available on PlayStation Direct. All three hues are available in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Sony has been gradually releasing accessories to make the PS5 more customizable, beginning with the custom console covers unveiled in December last year. Despite showcasing a wide selection of hues, it initially only released black and red variants. It also released blue, pink, and purple DualSense controllers (in addition to the black and red controllers already available), which will be accompanied by matching console covers this summer.

The PlayStation covers are simple to remove and replace. If you’re weary of the typical white-and-black aesthetic, try adding a different color to your console. Plus, you can mix and match them if you want (though at $54.99 per cover, customization isn’t cheap).

Sony threatened Dbrand with legal action last year after it produced third-party matte black PS5 console covers ahead of Sony’s own release, citing design infringement. Dbrand quickly removed the design from its store and replaced it with a new set.

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